I am in love with the amazing Kendall Schmidt. I also like Colton Haynes & Daniel Sharman from MTV's Teen Wolf. I am an adult rusher/driver & have been a rusher since 2009. My fave member is Kendall of course. I know there are many adult rushers/drivers out there like myself. I created this blog to share pics & stuff with other rushers, drivers, & Schmidtsters. And most of all... to support & show appreciation for the beautiful perfection that Kendall Schmidt is. My page will mainly consist of Kendall Schmidt, BTR, & Heffron Drive. With some Colton Haynes, Daniel Sharman, & Teen Wolf on the side :)


"One track mind"


After hearing all these Kendall interviews & reading the article in naked magazine about what Kendall has been saying about Nickelodeon & Columbia records I’m getting an idea what the heffron drive song “one track mind” is about. When I 1st heard it I knew it couldn’t be about a relationship cuz that would make him sound arrogant, which he’s not. So I’m just doing the math here…


I dunno what to feel exactly… but:
-I’m happy that Kendall is having a great time with Heffron Drive
-I’m sad that BTR is actually done
-I’m angry at BTR’s fucking label and the Nickelodeon executives
-As a former junior executive myself, I can attest and bow in shame at how some senior executives can be so heartless in their decisions
-And to that hater who always whines: va fanculo

Nickelodeon no longer wanted to produce the hit Television series. Sony barely wanted Big Time Rush to create another record. And that left members, Kendall included, fending for their individual careers. “The faucet just turned off”, Kendall explains.

A Big Time Rush fan didn’t pay to see Columbia Records. They paid to see Big Time Rush. But the funds that could’ve been used to produce their music weren’t going towards the proper cause. “I’m bummed cause the fans are upset”, Kendall says. “But it’s not my place to explain the situation in depth.” The situation was not as “cut and dry” as ‘Rushers’ interpreted it to be.

Kendall Schmidt talks about Big Time Rush to Naked Magazine October 2014 Issue (via charliebartowskis)

(Source: nickelodeonkids)

I want to be a musician, I have to do this, I have to keep going. They can root for me to fail all they want, but I’m not going to.

Kendall Schmidt, Naked Mag {x} (via k3ismynoah)